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CHANEL - framed

CHANEL - framed

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All art is carefully crafted by the artist, Camila Londono. With mixed media including but not limited to: magazines, vintage comic books, acrylic paints, spray paints, hand made stencils, glitter, resin and digital assets, she creates her original works of art. Using magic and sorcery she then turns her original artworks into replicas also known as "ART PRINTS". By doing so, she is able to significantly bring the price down to make art more accessible to all!


  1. Prints on canvas
  2. Rolled posters
  3. Framed posters

    This product comes Framed. No additional framing is necessary.

  • We only use premium quality materials in our prints
  • Our coatings are formulated to work together to provide the highest quality, longest lasting product available
  • We have our own in-house UV test chamber and continually test our materials to ensure that the color will stand the test of time

We will replace any art received with defects to the extent that it was a direct result of our or production or packaging. We will also replace any art with deterioration over time to the extent that it was a direct result of our product quality rather than poor handling and misuse by you or anyone else once the package has been received.


* Disclaimer: This CHANEL artwork has no affiliation, connection or association to CHANEL. This disclaimer is to explicitly clarify any confusion that may arise from this artwork. This product is not a CHANEL product, and should not be confused or mistaken as being a CHANEL product, nor should it be purchased under the impression that it is a CHANEL product. CHANEL is not in the business of selling art, therefore there is zero intent in attempting to mislead consumers that this is a CHANEL product.